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Moving Forward || Faberry

Rachel cycled towards the corner where she was to meet Quinn, carrying her school bag with her as she had stormed out of the house in protest of her fathers insisting on giving her a lift to school today. She guessed that it was a mixture of Finn and Quinn that made them want to do so but she had told them that Quinn was perfectly capable of giving her a lift. She knew that they were just being protective and in a sense they were right but she finally had some sort of friend and she wasn’t going to let them ruin it. Besides she was hoping that it would mean that she got to spend more time with Quinn, having missed the blonde once she had gone home last night. She knew that she would eventually have to talk to her dads about what was going on but she had made her decision and they would just have to accept the results.

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    Rachel climbed out of the car, her ass still a little bit sore but she thought that it would be fine by tomorrow, she...
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    Quinn’s lips quirked up at the kiss to her cheek. It was something she was becoming used to now from Rachel and it was...