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Rachel arrived to the corner that she had been coming to for the last week at 6:55am. It had taken her a little longer to get out of the house today as she had tried to avoid her dads as much as possible. She was so far taking her punishment seriously and it was easier to spend less time with her dads when she could only say three words to them. She wondered whether Quinn was just going to make sure that she stuck to her punishment or whether she would take pleasure in the fact that Rachel couldn’t answer back. Speaking of… she could see Quinn coming down the road so she forced herself to focus, to try and avoid any slip ups as she took the water bottle out of her bag ready to give to Quinn.

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    Rachel waved Quinn off before turning back to her dads who she knew had been eavesdropping. “Me and Quinn are friends...
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    Quinn returned Rachel’s hug, her arms going around Rachel’s waist. She bit back a happy smile at the use of Master again...